Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy Thursday Musings

After our long cold winter, the grass must surely need an epic deluge!
The Weather Channel showed this new three dimensional map of the current systems over our great land; there was this enormous 'mountain' of moisture over the entire central US - most of it moving our way!
The second-closest bar to our home burned to the ground this morning
Dark smoke coming from Hamburg this morning

The atmosphere is heavy to-day in the office.
We are working on the on-again/off-again flame of my boss, who is buying a condo (from a friend of his, who 'worked' for him for about three months) four doors down from him. It was scheduled to close on Tuesday and there were hiccups so now we are working on some adjustments.
My boss, I should add, is being divorced by his wife, who controls not only his visits with their three children but also a business they built together.

The Tigers are coming off a three game sweep of AL East-leading Baltimore on the road. Next we go to Fenway (watch out for those thieves dressed as cops) and look to avenge the disastrous post season series of seven months ago, still obviously fresh in my memory... 

Shoutout to my niece Kacie E in France!

My fantasy stud pitcher Jose Fernandez is out for the year [sadface.gif] so I dropped him and picked up Doug Fister [smile.gif].

To-day is Thursday the 15th of May.

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