Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainy Wednesday

...after the Memorial Day weekend, but now at 17:00 the sun is shining on us and we're up to 62 degrees Fahrenheit. The weekend was eventful and was an opportunity for us to be outside - in fact to-day's rain was the first real rain we've had since early last week...
I potted my herbs (cilantro, sweet basil, rosemary, garden sage) and my tomatoes (a hybrid cherry variety) - now the deck is complete!! Two hummer feeders are full of food for those adorable little gifts from God and I have somewhat weeded the perennial garden. The damnable queen ann's lace (I won't even dignify it by capitalizing its name) is EVERYWHERE and it's taproot is fat and longggggg. Where do they come from?!?!?!
Also I have cut the grass several times (more already this year than all of last year - kind of like the Tigers base stealing) and weed-whipped almost as many times. (I love that term as a verb, and have only recently learned to employ it as a noun. "Trimmer" was always the refined descriptive, as my pappy calls it.
Saturday was spent mostly on Latson Road trying to break the lug nuts to change a flat tire on the Grape. Head-on collision thrity feet away while I was waiting for the seven dollar can of penetrating oil to penetrate, thank God there were no major injuries.
Deja Vu again last night when the other front tire blew but this time the Grape was safe in a parking lot and God was kind enough to send out the Marcos' Pizza guy who was able to break the last lug nut! My hands are still en-scented with that penetrating oil ...

My fantasy teams are consistent: I lost again this week in my KISS league and won again my Rookie league.

Our Tigers have had a disappointing nine starts (before last night in Oakland) where their ERA was a cumulonimbus-like 9.something. Max's outing last night didn't fit in with the prior nine starts but he still didn't get the win; AL AL got the win and Nathan his 12th save.

Busy at work with several new deals and several near closing...

LORD have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
LORD have mercy.

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