Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Currents, Not Jam

I move through lent, conscious of my sin, more attentive to my lack of giving and loving, more entrenched in prayer and devotion each day - praying to be more like Christ, more loving, more self-less.
The habits I have developed over the decades are hard to get rid of. I loathe how I look always first and foremost to my own interests and comfort. Dear LORD drive this out of my heart, fill my heart with a love for others, that I would seek others' comfort and interests and not mine. Please hear my prayer, in Your mercy.
Been listening to Disney's Frozen soundtrack; I really need to 'Let It Go', for real. Let me go, rather.
Tigers have had a mediocre spring except for two items: more stolen bases than all of last season already and JV has been phenomenal.
Sweet 16 games begin tonight with Wisconsin-Baylor then three more. Michigan and MSU both play tomorrow night in hopes of playing again on Sunday and (of course) the following weekend.
Sweetie and I made a little fire last night and assumed our usual evening positions: me with the remote on the couch watching various baseball games (Pirates - Twins and Reds - White Sox) and movies (The Expendables and Meet Me in St Louis), her on her chaise with the laptop. Kitty sat by the fire and Sierra was nowhere to be found (back in the colder bedroom - she's a malamute!)

Our newly arranged living room

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