Friday, March 7, 2014

Adorable Lacey

Last night my wife and I were watching the Iowa-MSU basketball game and Dick Vitale began talking about a girl who was MSU power forward Adreian Payne's 'best friend', who had battling cancer for most of her life. The camera then went to this 8 year old and her mother, sitting right behind the bench, as Vitale told a little bit about how the relationship between Payne and Lacey Holsworth had been growing. I teared up then, and I teared up just now, as I happened upon Lacey's tweet from last night.

I hate it that kids have to suffer like this.  I'm not questioning God, ... well maybe I am really. But I just hate it. Big people (like me!!!) can be creeps and jerks and selfish and inflict pain on others. But children are so innocent. They only reflect and react; they soak up from those who influence them daily: parents, pastors, teachers, Dora The Explorer.

And why does a big college superstar athlete's sharing a bit of his life with a sick child make me cry?

Dear God, protect our children from harm, and give us the strongest desire to do the same. Change our hearts, that we would not look to our big-people desires at the expense of our children's safety and nurturing. Help us to make time for our kids; to love them, and to show them how we love You and others.
Be with every child conceived to-day - draw them near to You and protect them always.
We praise You and thank You; and we love You, too. Amen

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