Friday, October 26, 2012


worked late and brought home Guidos pizza and their famous GuidoBread with that unbelievable cheese dipping sauce omg. sweetie and i watched the video of my mom and dads 50th anniversary shindig...another omg.
I made a fire to warm us up and now i'm listening to les mis and she's watching tv. i'm going to attempt for the third time tonight a 2 suit spider solitair game.
I will win it: third time pays for all, as my old gaffer used to say.
Pizza and GuidoBread after work: $21.49
Getting my wife's PT Cruiser out of the shop: $348.90
Spending a Friday night with her, Sierra the Malamute, and Otis the Quat: priceless

Sweetie says no doubters in the house tomorrow night; only the faithful will be allowed here to cheer on the boys of summer. i am not too optimistic about this endeavour.

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