Sunday, October 28, 2012

Game 4

Inning the First1
Pagan K
Scutaro FO
Pablo K

Jackson  some sort of out
Berry GO
Miggy BB
Fielder K

Inning the Second2
Posey K
Pence 2B
Belt 3B Pence scored
Blanco 4-3 Belt to third
Theriot FO9

Delmon Single up the middle
Andy FO8
Jhonny out
Omar groundout

Inning the Third3

Crawford I1B
Pagan FO9
Scutaro FO8
Pablo 1B, crawford to third
Posey FO8

G-Money some sort of out
Ajax BB
Berry sac bunt pablo great play to get the batter
Miggy "...and he's gonna run out of room!"
Fielder 6-3

Inning the Fourth4
Pence out
Belt four pitch walk
Blanco strike em out, throw em out double play

Delmon out
Andy out
Jhonny K

Inning the Fifth5
Therio out
Crawford out
Pagan 4-3 (thanks baby, for that one)

Omar bloop single
Gmoney bunt pop up
Ajax FO8
Berry 1-6-3 out with a head-first dive

Inning the Sixth6
Scutaro E-5
Pablo K
Posey 2 run homer 3-2 Giants
Pence K
Belt FO7

Miggy K
Fielder little fucking stupid ass popout
Delmon Homer to right
Dirks single
Jhonny long fly ball to left almost at the fence (3-3)

Inning the Seventh7
Blanco single to right
Therio ground out, Blanco to 2nd
pitching change: Smyly
Crawford FO8
pitching change: Dotel
Pagan 4-3 (3-3)

Omar 6-3
G-money Popped up to first
Ajax shitty atbat strike out

Inning the Eighth8
Dotel walks Scutaro on four straight pitches
Pablo 3 ua. Scutaro out 3-6-1. Two out.
Posey K!!

Pitcher for SanFran Jeremy Affeldt causing
pinch hitter Avisail Garcia: BB
Miggy K
Prince K
Delmon  K

Inning the ninth9
coke pitching...
pence CK
belt  K
blanco k

Dirks K
Jhonny FO8
new pitcher
Omar hit on the hand by Cassila asswipe; Worth takes first
G-Money ground out

Inning the tenth10
Theriot single to right
Crawford sac bunt, Theriot to second
Pagan K

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