Sunday, January 22, 2012

Somber Sunday

Joe Paterno has passed and I am sad. Three days after he was fired he found out he had cancer. I read parts of an interview with him from the Washington Post a couple weeks ago; they said he had lost that full head of black hair and was frail and weak. I couldn't believe it. Yestreday the basketball games were interrupted with news that the family had been called together to say their farewells. This morning I read the news that he had succumbed; he had crossed to the other side.
He never bad-talked the University after he was fired. He felt terrible about the whole mess and I believe the whole mess killed him.

Forgive us, LORD, for our sins; forgive our brothers and sisters when they fail also. Help us to be better, to do better, to trust better, to love better, to adore You better.

Baltimore at New England first to-day; no score midway first quarter.
Tied at 10 with 6:03 left in the first half.
13-10 Pats with 3:22 left.
Tom Brady came into the league in 2000 and his completion average over all those years is just over 63%. His yearly average before 2007 (when he missed all the games due to a knee injury in game #1) is between 60 and 63 but from 2008-2011 his average is closer to 66%. He threw for 5235 yards this year, a record of some sort I am sure.
20-16 Ravens end of the third quarter.
23-20 Pats final...good ending: Cundiff missed a 32 yarder to tie it, good for Brady, a Michigan man.


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