Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random lines while I watch Illinois at Minnesota

I have not written a rhyme in so long
I feel that I am due.
So here I sit and try to form
A cute dit-ty or two.

To read, to write, to do the math
These are my fav'rit things.
But when the joy spills from my heart
I really likes to sings!

I miss my family very much
Here in the north count-ry;
I miss my bride 'specially so
I love when she's with me.

The snow, it fell, and fell and fell
All while the night was dark
We woke this morning blest to see
Snow stuck to the tree-bark ... (-8

Sometimes I force a rhyme to come
E'en when there's not one there.
But tonight it seems it's hap'ning more
...and I seem not to care!


be well, do good work, keep in touch

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