Saturday, January 28, 2012

So Beautiful a Saturday

We were greeted this morning with about six inches of wet, clingy snow. Every branch of every tree I can see from my bedroom windows looking south and east is covered and is drooping with the extra weight. I shoveled for about an hour; the workout was as beneficial as a good BOSU aerobic session.

The birds have re-discovered the suet feeder I put out there to the east in the fall...I regularly see cardinals and blue jays, and other white faced birds whose names I don't know (with apologies to my parents, who have bestowed upon me at least two good bird identification books). Another I have been seeing lately is the red-headed woodpecker (whose name also I will have to look up again...). We had one near us in Stanwood and we had one at the Lakehouse...

I've always believed that God communicates to me through wildlife. When I'm in close communion with Him ('close' for me, it's a relative thing), he sends me wildlife to enjoy, admire, wonder about; when I'm distant and selfish, He sends me wildlife to remind me that I'm being distant and selfish. Isn't He amazing?!?!? Even the starving barn cats who constantly sit outside our front door and stare lustfully through the glass are a love message from Him to me.

Each of the types of animals have a different meaning for me, but that, I think, is for another post.

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