Friday, December 21, 2018

21 December 2018

The days will be not be getting shorter any more, here in the northern latitudes! I am thankful for this change.

I cannot see as well as I used to and it is sometimes difficult for me to drive at night. We use more electricity and gas in the winter months; longer days means (generally) warmer temps and (gradually increasing) longer days.

Longer days means we are on the way to spring - not that I am wishing the CHRISTmas season away by any stretch of the imagination!

I work until 5:00 now, and not 3 some days and 10:30 some days. I sure loved the three oh five done times because it meant for more afternoon drinking time! But now that I'm really not drinking, I would still like to be off earlier, even though it meant getting up earlier. I lounge around nowadays until 7:30 or 8:00, hitting snooze all willie-nillie while the sun gets up and higher and higher!

It has been raining and foggy for the past couple of days, but we may have a little snow for CHRISTmas day! I just talked to my sweetie and she is looking forward to my spaghetti tonight. We may also have shepherds pie and sugar cookies this weekend. And maybe I will make a cheesecake to give away :-)

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