Thursday, September 20, 2018

We were blessed with a good amount of rain overnight (the farmers would say something like 'we got about an inch and a half') and it has rained most of the day to-day.

I was able to make a good herb harvest before the rain, so they will be plenty watered and happy for the final month or so of growing. Already I have enough of my 'Scarborough Fair' mix for probably four or five 7 oz shakers. (And I just found a bit from last year - I thought I had run out!)

Michigan plays at noon Saturday and Sparty at 7:30 but the game I really want to see is ASU at Washington, starting at about 4am on Sunday. I want to see if those Aztecs and their top rated receiver whom the camera seemed to be affixed on all night a couple weeks ago can hang with a real top 10 team. I surely hope they open up a can of whoop-ass on the Huskies.

I did a rump roast on the grill last night that I looked so forward to slicing up for sandwiches on our fresh onion buns from Polly Market but the whole event was pretty much of a flop. I tried the sliced potatoes dressed in EVOO and Montreal Chicken seasoning right on the grill (using my new six dollar 16" tongs, only six casualties:-) but duh that doesn't work when you're indirectly cooking a three pound roast and need the lid closed. It ended up taking way too long, the charcoal all burned up, and I had to throw the roast in the oven for a half hour or so. The buns were soggy, the swiss cheese I thought would be a perfect match for that smoked beef did nothing for the sandwiches, and the potatoes were cold by the time we were ready to eat (although they did well as a snack dipped in our ranch/ketchup mix). Oh well, God is good, and we always have more than enough to eat and drink - praise His Name!

I'm ready to slice a bit off that roast for a taste for while I watch Jeopardy tonight.

Thank You, Father, for getting me through another work day;
Thank You for the many blessings along the way.
Thank You for giving me patience to deal with difficult situations,
and thank You for Your Son - The Example of Love.

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