Saturday, April 1, 2017

Out early this morning to run errands on a beautiful Saturday and the robins stole the show. Hop hop hopping on the grass, sitting in our bare crab apple tree or on the rooftops, or even hopping on the pavement - their song is a song of joy!

Tweet tweet tweeeeeeet; the new day is here!
Tweeeet twit tweet tweeet; rise and shine oh sleepy heads!

Right now, though, the red bellied woodpecker is looking for food in our chimney stack: the vibrating metal gives his error away.

The starlings and red-winged blackbirds have massed in the trees across the street, like a gang of sweet-singing thugs in the middle of their pillage-planning. There goes a starling chasing away the crab tree robin! What a bully!

I have a squirrel baffle over my suet hanging right off our deck - the thugs don't like to eat with something overhead like that. It has done the job well, as has the safflower seed - which they do not like for some reason (I think it's too hard for their beaks to crack open. The chickadees, cardinals, blue-jays, house-finches, and downy woodpeckers eat the safflower seeds. The little chickadees are so cute this morning. Two at a time, they will take a seed from the feeder, hop up to a branch, and peck at the seed they hold between their feet :- ).

The sun is coming out from behind the clouds and it is a beautiful sight. I think we will have un-stuffed cabbage in the crock pot to-day, with some mashed potatoes on the side.

Now the robin was investigating a nest from last year, and the starling was not having it.

Last night was my MLB fantasy baseball draft, and overall I am pretty happy with the results (except for the one time the cheap laptop began 'not responding' to my clicks and I mistakenly turned on AutoPilot, causing Neil Walker to become my second second baseman.

C Sal Perez (I had him on and off a couple three years ago, I was going to take Posey in the fourth round but the guy right before me got him.:-(
1B Freddie Freeman (oodles and oodles of homers last year, over 100 RBI each of the last three)
2B Daniel Murphy (can play first or second base, a big bat in the lineup if he stays healthy)
SS Xander Bogaerts (the one Red Sox I wished I'da had last year, along with Pedey, Papi, and Mookie)
3B Jose Ramirez (Indians third sacker - a young guy hopefully under-estimated)
OF Mike Trout (I had him two years ago and never took him out the lineup - the overall #3 pick)
OF Charlie Blackmon (this guy did damage against me all summer last year)
OF Yasmany Tomas (nicknamed El Tanque - 'nuff said)
U Adrian Gonzalez right now, but he'll have to perform to stay in the lineup, as the bench consists of

OF Billy Hamilton (lots of sb, career best obp of .321 last year)
OF Dexter Fowler (.393 obp last year, and it seemed every night he was on MLB Quickpitch)
OF Joc Pedersen (he hit a ton of homers two years ago before the break, then fell off the map. hopefully he'll continue his resurgence from last year)
OF Keon Broxton (a young Brewer stud I don't know much about, but he's ranked really high amount OF, he's my replacement for the aforementioned Mr. Walker)

I didn't take a starting pitcher until the seventh round (after Kershaw and Max, who I'm gonna take?!!?) so I kept grabbing sluggers. I'll need to trade one of the relievers for a starter after 4/20 for sure
SP Carlos Corassco (Indians should be good again this year, he's their #2 guy)
SP Julio Teheran (Atlanta's ace, he was an all-star last year)
SP Lance McCullers (#2 behind Keuchel in Houston, strong LOB #s last year)
SP Kenta Maeda (Dodgers #3 behind Kershaw and Hill, added 10 lbs of muscle in the offseason)
SP Matt Moore (Giants #3 behind Bumgarner and Cueto)

RP Kenly Janson (picked him in the fifth round, my first pitcher; career best in WHIP, ERA, and S)
RP Jeurys Familia (he's suspended until 4/20, but he's been a great reliever for my in the past)
RP Tony Watson (Pirate's closer, but I really just needed someone until 4/20)

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