Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beautiful Saturday

3:00 in the afternoon and it's 97 degrees out on the deck. Thank God the trailer park captain has not forced us to remove our illegal window air units - it's a comfy 71 inside!
The european starlings have learned how to land on the caged suet cakes out by the deck and as soon as I get paid, I'm ordering a Crosman Legacy 1000 and will use its 1000 feet per second to keep the local population of those little phawkers controlled. How come for years they can't seem to be able to land on the cages of suet and now all of a sudden the avian bullies are dominating the food?!? don't get it

It was peaceful at the creek this morning but nobody was biting except the cottonwood. Floating heavily on the surface of the water, I had myself a 'keeper' every cast dagblammit. But the frogs were happy and singing; and the crow family didn't mind my temporarily parking adjacent to their nest.

I've noticed this young summer so far that everything growing around our home is full, thick, and healthy. The forsythia and lilac out front, the dappled willows surrounding the deck (used to be 'next to' the deck, but when you cut back one arm, seven more grow in its place!), the vinca and it's beautiful lavender flowers. The crab apple tree has never been fuller, our (planned) plum tree is healthy and provides a resting spot for the sparrows and the hummingbirds, and our (unplanned) pear tree is thriving.

Our Dappled Willow bushes are bigger than ever
The vinca is healthy - each year this gets thicker and spreads farther

The crab apple out by the road is healthy, and the robins are thankful

The catmint perennial is a favorite of the bumblebee and the hummer

Our thriving Hosta Sagae, the 2000 Hosta of the Year award winner

Mr. Plum is happy nestled between the house and shed

The boss forbade it's demise, and so our volunteer three year old Bartlet Pear needs frequent pruning

Even our bamboo is happy and spreading like a bouquet

Meanwhile, I have found the street in Chicago (perhaps even the home) that my immigrant great-great grandparents Frank (Fritz and Mary; or Fred and Mary, or Friedrich and Maria, or Fredrick and Marie - depending on the source) lived at after arriving from Germany in 1872. They were married and had at least five children there (my grandpa Frank's aunts and uncles); for some reason they came to Detroit in the early 80's. I am still investigating their children's families...

Thank You, LORD, for this beautiful day. Thank You for the sunshine and for the sun-loving basil.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Blessed be the LORD forever!

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