Friday, August 14, 2015

Bauds and Bits and Bytes or MOST ILLINIST B-BOY

I do remember in about eleventh grade reading about computers, and their proposed benefits for the future of mankind. I remember GIGO, dot matrix printers, real floppy disks, and the godaweful noise the dial  up modem would make while trying to get online (this was waaaaaaay after high school).
I remember going to a particular file sharing web where you could download songs for free (if you don't count the days of time spent waiting for the download); you 'got' the song from someone else in the ring, and someone could 'get' your songs as long as you were online and vulnerable. I remember choosing eight or ten songs to download before going to bed, with the anticipation of free music in the morning. Most of the time, the connection would get dropped due to someone trying to call your home phone (what other type of phone was there?!?) and I'd wake up to see Rhymin and Stealin at 28% and all the others in the 'waiting for connection' status. A real heartbreaker.

All this comes to mind, because as of about twenty minutes ago, I am at home and surfing on the high-speed, wireless connection call ATT U-Verse. No more phone lines, no more hacking into neighbors' unsecured guest accounts, no more hoping to get qet a signal - we are legal, and with many bars.

With all those bars, I am eagerly anticipating listening to the Beastie Boys

Sean, the nice young man from AT&T, was the star of the day. He didn't charge us a cent and did all the installing that I was supposed to do, bless his heart.

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