Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Storms and such

Yestreday Tuesday early morning we had some powerful storms move through. Thunder shook the house and banged almost at the same time of the lightning. I could hear the rain hitting the windows loudly; I prayed during this time loudly also.
The power went out for about a minute two times and flickered several times but we thought we were ok as we both left for work later. But Moni called me in the early afternoon with rumours of outages in our neighbourhood. I confirmed with the very convenient DTE Outage Map (updated every 15 minutes) that we were powerless.
So I bought a couple of bags of ice on the way home from work and the silence only broken by the generators as I entered our sub confirmed again our predicament. My main concern was the recently acquired ice cream Sammies from Kroger (and of course Sierra the Wise Malamute stuck in that hot tin can all day with no ventilation). I let the dog out and attended to the food. Leftover pizza demolished along with a quick turkey/cheese/mustard sandwich and I had fed my brain enough to handle the situation. All the beverages could stay in the fridge but the meat and cheese and dressings got top priority in the cooler.
Moni said the Little Caesar's parking lot was packed when she stopped for a fast-food five dollar box of carbohydrate and fat goodness; we ate and enjoyed the Tiger broadcast on our black beach radio that predates our marriage. I was just in the bedroom pulling up the blinds so the breeze could enter when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the bedroom fan turning on, spinning fastly not slowly due to the breeze. I praised God and thanked Him for his goodness and shed a tear of joy.
It's the little things you know.

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