Friday, July 25, 2014

Praying on this Beautiful Friday...


the LVCCM Men's #82 coming up next weekend, that the hearts of the candidates would be open to the message of the love of Christ;

the Church worldwide, especially where there is violent persecution, that Christ would be glorified somehow through this;

all our priests and bishops and leaders, that they would continually be fed and nourished by God, His Word, and His people;

our families and friends, for protection and peace in their lives, and that they would know in a very real way the love of Christ;

my beautiful bride Monica, that You would protect her and heal her and give her peace in her heart;

the men of Livingston County, that we would turn our hearts wholly toward You, that we would be agents of change in our environments;

the team of GNVDC #55, which is currently being formed, that we would enter into our service without any sense of self-ish-ness, that our hearts would be open to our specific are of service, and that we would reflect Christ in all we do;

my boss and his family, especially during this trial that they are engaged in;

our little business here in Brighton, that You would provide clients and then allow us to meet their needs in a timely manner, may You be glorified by our work here;

LORD, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.


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