Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday Things

My address in Detroit growing up 17327 Prevost, Detroit, Michigan 48235; phone number 273-0266 (we didn't need ten digits back then, and we had one phone for five people for 25 years... one bathroom too!)

I attended daily Greenfield Peace Lutheran School at 7000 West Outer Drive for 13 years.

And then attended daily Detroit Lutheran High School West at 8181 Greenfield for four more.

And then attended frequently Western Michigan University for six years while spending much time doing much math and geology at Rood Hall...

While living in Eicher Hall,

French Hall,

In a duplex off-campus on Vine Street, near Westnedge,

In the Knollwood Apartments,

In an apartment on Nichols Road with a fireplace and balcony off the kitchen (which I could not find a picture of - doesn't look like it still exists...),

and then in some apartments on Greenwood.

Briefly with my folks in Westland,

then rented in Brighton

then got married and lived in Lakeland, MI!

We bought a home in Canadian Lakes.

Then moved to Allen Park and finally to beautiful Whitmore Lake, Michigan!

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