Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Morning Offering

King of Creation,
We offer you all the joys, hardships, trials, and triumphs of this day. We seek Your guidance through every decision, we call upon Your good Spirit to live and love through us.
I pray this morning for my beautiful bride; that You would keep her safe, cool, and hydrated in this Michigan heat to-day.
I pray for all our family members in the various states they live in; that You would be with them in every circumstance. Protect them, keep them safe, bring them closer to You.
I pray for the candidates who will encounter You on LVCCM #80. Prepare their hearts for Your message, protect their families in their absence, and bring each one into a closer walk with You.
Father, so many of us can talk about spiritual things: Jesus, trust, Your will, Your plan, ... but sometimes we have a hard time actually living out our faith. In those times, Lord, grant us extra graces to over come our self-ishness, and the wiles of the enemy. 
Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

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