Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thumpin' Thursday on the job

Got the payoff finally for Wilburforce, Hurray! still is waiting on the subordination request, conditions are being looked at right now for Bloom, the termite inspection has been waived for Calvary, Franken-furter is looking for a home in the 100k range, Sadie is long done (thank you, Jesus!), Coal changed their mind and ended up putting 10% down after all so I must revise the 1003 both in our LOS and also in the bank's web, Right is on hold until the tax returns come in, Loess is still with the Pending Police to decide whether because of my mistake as a rookie processor this loan will be denied due to withholding information or not (whatever), LO (may he live forever) has been conspicuously quiet this morning.
Boss keeps offering to buy me lunch but i am holding fast to my bigass burger king breakfast story (it's actually true).
Trojan Man finally made it here and is debating with the boss about credit. This rep is a very good guy, very helpful and available. He liked my mints and left with a handful.
LO (may he live forever) requested follow up on OBAma appraisal and it is in review even as we type. We also locked Stanley's loan at three and three quarters on a 30 day fixed.

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