Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday night goodness

One of the best weekends i can remember is slowly coming to an end here in beautiful Whitmore Lake, Michigan. 1/4 Friday I went to bible study in the early am with the brothers from Saint Patrick Church and then to work. It was payday so i did some lunchtime banking and paid a couple bills, then met my sweetie down the road cuz she wanted me to look at a tv stand for our living room. The price was right so we paid for it and were gonna bring my truck back the next day to pick it up. We went down the road a little farther to look for a futon mattress for our poor futon which hasn't had a mattress since ... well a few years back when the dog peed on it. 200 bucks for a real nice thick one that was pretty darn comfortable to sit on meaning it was probably pretty darn comfortable to sleep on. We didn't decide on that right away because she had seen a sofa/chaise lounge combo set at a consignment shop in town. We drove home pretty excited for the weekend to be upon us and stopped at Roadies in Whitmore Lake for a cold two and some unbelievable mozzarella sticks. Watched something or other until bed time and slept welll
Slept in a bit saturday but we told the guy with the tv stand we'd be there at noon so we got up and out and split a Firehouse Sub on the way there. BTW, this was pretty darn good - the company is run by real firemen; the soda dispenser has over 120 flavor combinations and we got a good deal on a huge sub, bag of chips, TWO pickle spears, and a 32 oz diet doctor pepper. Way good. So we loaded the tv stand ("entertainment center" better describes this piece) into the Ranger and drove slowly home. I backed up through about 6 inches of snow right up to the deck so we could shimmy the piece in but without the weight in the bed i couldn't get back through the snow. SO, i loaded patio blocks until i was able to get the truck out to our approved parking spot. We then wanted to look at the clearance center at Art Van in Howell, so we decided the turn it into an afternoon trip with a stop at Wal-mart for insulin, a produce gathering at Aldi's (don't you love Aldi's?!?), and then the Art Van expedition. Found a sofa that would fit our decor at a comparable price so now we had the dilemma of choosing to get a mattress for the futon which we already own, purchase a slightly used chaise lounge and matching sofa, or purchasing a brand new comfy sofa.
We didn't choose right then but took our produce home and watched something or other and fell asleep early.
8:00 mass this morning started our day then to Li'l Chef (the actual name) to split a western omlette with wheat toast. Then out towards Howell for some firewood (just enough to fill up the back of the grape), then back toward Brighton for Aco's on sale boxed logs, toilet tissue, and paper towell. THEN to Kroger for some charcoal because I was determined to barbecue these Omaha Steaks burgers that we got from the kids for CHRISTmas.
So, i'm watching some college basketball and my sweetie says 'hey why don't you make some soup?!?' and i'm like...k...., find me a recipe. And the search began: slow cook, fast cook, meat, no meat, tomatoes, potatos, ... She found a good crock pot vegetable soup recipe and i looked up how to do stock from veggies and veggie part.
The soup recipe called for 6 cups chicken broth so i used about half broth and half the stock i just created. It's been cooking on high for almost 4 hours so we'll see how it turned out...

Thank You, Father, for Your Love
Thank You for Your plan to sacrifice Your Son for our redemption.
Thank You for the daily blessings...
        and we love You, too. Amen


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