Sunday, June 17, 2012

On Fathers Day...

I thank God for you, Dad!
I'm thankful for the games of catch we used to play in front of the house on Prevost, for the games of 'Rose Bowl Computerized' football we used to play at the table, and for our times of 'diving' and splashing in the backyard pool.
I'm thankful for the Tiger games you took us to see; I don't know how many we saw (it seems like millions), but I still remember vividly the white of the home whites against the green green grass and the blue blue seats of Tiger Stadium.
I'm thankful for the dirt-bike riding times, especially our West Branch trip when I ended up in the hospital.(-8
I'm thankful for all the fun we had playing hide and seek at your tile store on 8 Mile when Mom would bring us early to pick you up from work... inevitably we'd have six or seven hours to kill so we'd roam and explore to our hearts' content: dusty corners behind boxes of stacked peel-and-stick tile, the empty space behind the 40 foot rolls of carpet, always keeping in mind the menacing credo 'These things are beautiful to behold, but if you break them, we consider them sold.'
I'm thankful for every softball game we got to play together, wearing the gaudy maroon and gold and getting killed by Redford #2 at Rouge Park... ahh, life was good.
I'm thankful for the times we went to 8 Mile and Greenfield and shot my model rockets into the sky - we used the car battery for getting them off the ground until we found the remote push-button method...
I thank God for you, Dad.

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