Friday, June 29, 2012

hot, hot, hot

I thought the nice man on public radio yestreday said it got up to 110 in Ypsilanti...the northwest winds to-day will help keep it near 90 and not a smideon higher...Cleaning the shed, yes, this is shed day I deem it so. Already I took my sweetie to work and shopped at Meijer's for good food. Last night we stopped after work in Whitmore Lake to watch the Tigers and had a fajita salad and a Tavern Burger which was hot, rare, and oh-so-delicious.
I must interject here. Does every karaoke night in Michigan have to be dominated by old, slow country songs which ruin dinner (both the actual food AND the conversation)??!!?? If not, is it just Livingston County?!? My wife, bless her heart, even encouraged me to do some Green Day just to break up the monotony, so to speak... Arrrrgggg.
Tigers at 7:10 tonight...go Justin!!!

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