Monday, May 7, 2012

Great day to-day

Well, I tried to get out of practice but Coach came down to my room and was like 'you need a ride out there?' and i'm like 'well yeah' and he's like 'well let's go' and i'm like 'this kid is finishing his quiz' and he's like 'ok i'll getem started and come back and get ya' and i'm like 'no it's all good, i can walk {the .73 of a mile to the baseball diamond, for crying out loud!!}', he's like 'thanks coach, we need you'.
so, the kid finished his quizzie and i changed into my gear and trekked the .73 miles to our field. I really don't know what 'we need you' meant, other than it really motivated me to get my fat ass dressed and out on the field.
So to me it was funny when after getting all the way out there and securing my cleats and batting gloves, coach says to me 'why don't you work with Daniel?'.
Now, Daniel is our foreign exchange student from Germany. {Yes, the girls are hotter there, the mcdonalds burgers are smaller there, and he's never heard of The Berlin Project.} Daniel has decided to be on the baseball team in the spring of his senior year in america, the land of the free and the home of the brave. The funny thing is, he's never played baseball before in his life. Soccer, yes; baseball, no. So, we thought it not too amusing when, quite early on, he took a swing at a ball on a tee, deftfully let the bat go, and nailed our 8th grade helper close to his gonads with it. We were honestly afraid he was going to get hit in the face with the ball while playing catch.
But Daniel worked hard and now can not only play catch well, he can catch fly balls in the outfield and throw all the way to second base. So, when Coach told me to 'work with Daniel', I welcomed the opportunity to ask him all the things I had always wanted to ask someone from Germany: i) are americans THE laziest people in the world or are there worst countries?, ii) have you ever seen Inglourious Basterds?, and iii) do you wear lederhosen and drink beer out of large ceramic steins? (actually, he said, they do that sort of silly thing 'down south'. not knowing actually what that meant, but transferring it to us answering someone who would ask if we all say 'y'all'; I kinda understand what he was saying).
The fun in our conversation was only interrupted a time or two by lazy fly balls our way or grounders rolling harmlessly through Milton's legs (Milton is our 3rd string second baseman who is neither fleet of foot nor strong of arm). Nillie came out to center with a ball and threw long toss with us while waiting for the 'bp' hitters to actually 'hit' the ball.
The whole shindig was called at about 5:30 and we all went our merry ways to engage in eating snacks, doing homework, and what-not.

Thank You, LORD, for such a great day at 'work'. Thank You for leading me into a job I love on most days and mostly enjoy all the others. Thank You for loving me so much and for the people You have placed in my life. I praise You - You are worthy!!

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