Tuesday, May 15, 2012

855? that's probably a new toll-free extension...ehr, area

Warm, warm to-day outside while I discussed logarithms and various other un-niceties with the adolescent captives in their second-to-last week of school inside. Getting excited as I type here about i) getting my herbs going this summer and ii) the dinner my landlord is preparing: "asparugus, french fries, and a big sammich".

I think i like food way too much. Maybe it's a tapeworm I have, or some other parasite of some sort or other. All I know is that i am obese (along with like 75 percent of americans, if you listen to the sunday morning news reports: 'Doctor Prophylactic, what would you say the cause of this trend of obesity is in Americans?' 'Well, Betty, we're seeing more and more people living sedentary lifestyles and eating more and more carbs.'
Really?); or, if not 'obese', just 'pretty darn fat'. But i guess it doesn't bother me THAT much, or I'd do something about it, right? Right. [Holy mackeral!! Landlord just buttered the loaf of french bread for the sammich and covered it with garlic...omg}

Tigers won already against the white sox and life couldn't be better. I miss my sweetie.

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