Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morning Routine

Keep in mind, this is what I do after getting into my room at work, the other morning stuff will suffer another post...
Log into Lenovo desktop
Check phone for messages
Turn on hp Elitebook and log in
Open Smart technology, find current saved week
Open Mozilla browser with tabs for email, calendar, grades, web for homework assignments, attendance, youtube
Attend to parent email correspondence
Power up Smart projector and document camera
Fill coffee cup (ahhhhhhh)
Collect books and folders with to-day's lessons
Re-position items hidden for afternoon classes in my room: in-basket, paperclips, seating charts, pens, pencils, ...
Plug in CHRISTmas lights
Call/text my sweetie
Greet students
Help students with math's problems as they arrive and are in need

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