Thursday, September 29, 2011

...on the eve of the weekend

Thursday night and I have eaten well, and all is good in the world.
I'm taking a day of from sports of any kind, satisfying my lust for action-suspense with Salt. I could only top this by catching Inception (would you like to take a leap of faith, or die an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone?) or Inglorious Basterds (the reason for Hugo Stiglitz's celebrity among German soldiers is simple: he killed 13 german gestapo officers...). Megamind would give me a little different kind of satisfaction (could this day get any more funtastic?!), Zombieland (rule #3, doube tap), quite another.

From Melanie Laurent:

When I read the script of 'Inglourious Basterds', I was like, wow, it's been my dream to kill Hitler since I was like four so I was kind of like Shosanna already. I'm Jewish. I read the script together with my grandfather and he told me, 'You have to make that movie, please.' So it was not just for me, it was for my family.

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