Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Commentary

First, Sam Elliot's voice is as much American as John Wayne.
B, My contribution to to-day's fare: Rotell and Velveeta dip with Scoops chips. Man, that's good.
Third: Christina Aguilaria's Anthem: ok
4) Harriest Steeler: Brett Keisel

Living Social dot com: wtf?
Focus Rally pregame show: wtf?

What a class of 11 in the Hall of Fame?!?
Antonio Brown with a good return 37 by the rookie...Ben to Ward for 4. Dom Capers coached at OSU back in the day...Mendenhall lost 4 immediately. Ben incomplete 3 and out... muffed punt and...GB ball.

Rogers: incomplete b/c of Woodly (U-M) ... Starks for a yard, brought down by Woodly (U-M) Complete to Donald Driver with a flag. First First Down. Rogers too high...Starks for 3. 3rd n long...Almost to Nelson...3nout.
Punt in the end zone.
Release the hounds: Audi A8
Mendenhal for 15.
Mendenhall for 10.(Hawke OSU) False start Wallace on the quickie for 4. Off Heath Miller's hands...puntin again.
Doritos sucking on the finger ooohhh...sniffin the pantaloons
Chey cruz: old folks who cant hear: reminded me of Cassius Clay the greatest fighter of all time
Pepsi Max black girl chuckin at the white girl knockin her off the bench
Pack with 8:17 left: incomplete deep to jennings. Jordy nelson complete for 9. James Starks for 7 and the first down.Nelson dives for about 9. Starks for a first down.
The Bud Light sword fighting ...
Chevy trucks tommy fell down a well, i didn't even know this town had a volcano
TO GB: Rogers to Jackson and in Pittsburg territory.Starks for 7. To Cory Hall for 2.9 and short of the yellow line...Nelson!!!! for6!!!
Pepsi Max, Doritos, ...
Cowboys and Aliens: harrison ford and ...
Kia Optima: one epic ride
Ben picked off by nick collins and a return 6: 14 nuthin!

Eminem for Brisk

Mewelde moore to the 35. Mendenhall for 5. Mendenhall for 8: first down. sanders for 5 the rookie with a flag. take it back ten yards...Mendenhall complete for 5. Incomplete on 2nd and 9. Huge run by Ben for a first down...
Chevy Volt
GoDaddy's .co
2nd Quarter:
Mendenhall loss of 2. Broken up by Williams...3rd down: Sanders down to the 21 for a first down.Ben for 1
 Mendenhall for pointfive yards. Wallce for 3...Steelers on the board 14-3.
Gimme a bud. we just ran out. Elton Joh tiny dancer.
7.1.11 will bring some crazy transformer looking stuff...
John Travolta in the house?

Return to the 25.
Zoom 1984
BowieBMW advanced diesel
...3rd n 5: Driver for 4, short of the first.
antonio brown no return
Coke: wtf?
Thor: looks good!!
Passat with Darth Vader and Big Baby!!!!
Mendenhall for 7 but holding for minus ten.
Mike wallace is good for 16 yards and we welcome you inside our broadcast booth...Mewelde Moore for 7 and a first down!Ben for 7 at the 40. Moore for none. Antoine Randel El for the huge first down...
Loss of 1 on first down...Snickers you're not you when you're front hurts
Moneys driving the cars career builder dot com... speilburg's super 8
ball on gb 49... picked off by bush!! wtf big ben!?!?!
...GB two first downs...please stop telling me about the half time show with the blackeyed peas...6 for GB...they look too good!!
Here we go: Randel El to the 40.
All new Chrvy Cruz with the facebook status update: super!
Meet the worlds first avenger: Captain America, castro edge, carmax I feel luke a customer at carmax

Wallace incomplete deep...woodson gets up slowly...TO #2 for green bay.
Incomplete on 2nd. Ben to Ward for a first down! TO Pittsburg ... clean shot again on Ben...shakin out the cobwebs...1st n ten: brown to the 25 for 1. ...Ward to the 7 for 1st and goal!!!!!! Ward for 6!!! Hinez, dude, Hines (in his 13th year) is his name!!!21-10 now with about 90 seconds left  ...
Pat Lee touchback with 39 seconds left. ...k. halftime

Welcome to the Pepsi Max halftime show...
It was a year ago i got sick with the flu.

 I wanna be one of the white-clad folks onthe field dancing...

then duns n roses riff!!!!slash outof the effin stage!!! turn it up...lets get it stage and the politically correct song!!! time of my life? wtf? and what do you have to do to be one of those block-heads on stage?!?!...
2nd Half
Woodson is out with a collarbone injury. starks for 2 and a flag: holding offense for 10.1st n 20.: Complete to Jones for 10. False start GB: second and 15: Complete to Neson for 9; 3rd and 6:  dropped by jones and a punt. 15 yard penalty on the kicking team... let others go first
baby talking: etrade
ozzy : welcome to 4g, 5g how many bloody g's are there...whats a bieber? funny
midfield for pittsburgh: mendenhal for 17 outside and he's slow to get up...redman for 3...ben runs for 6. redman to the 9  for first and goal!!! Mendenhal for 6!! !!
21-17; we've got a game in Super Bowl 45.
Pirates of the Caribean...
Cram it in the boot: Mini ?
Minster of DE tourism

GB ball on the 18: Starks for 3. incomplete to nelson. 3rd and 7: rogers down loss of 5!!!! Harrison sack.
Focus on the screen and relax... Hyundi alantra...
Mountainous tibet.
barry lyndon music!!!!!! cocacola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mendenhall bottled up for 1. ...3rd and 1: Moore for 7!
Ben deep overthrows wallace in spite of his speed! Ben to Hines ward inside the 30!!! incomplete batted by clay matthews..2nd and 10: heath miller broght down behind the line of scrimmage..3rd and 13: ben sacked by zumbo! first sack by gb. worst fg attempt in the history of the super bowl there, i think.....
Detroit commercial chrysler Eminem in the Motor City!!!!
Jordy Nelson to the 40. Loss of 3 on first down...clueless for about 5. 3rd and 8 incomplete and a punt.
Down by 4...mendenhall with those good feet gains 4...Wallace for about 4: 3rd and 2.Incomplete. through Wallace's hands. Punt. and some pushing......47 seconds left in the 3rd and a fou point game...
Ohhh inconmplete...had Quarless open and threw it behind him. Didn't look good right from the start..3rd and 10: Incomplet on the field...and the red challenge ball thrown by gb...
Ruling confirmed.Good punt penalty flag on the ground. Brown dumped at thje 42.rekick: gain of 12 yards by making GB punt again. should be a great 4th quarter!!!!Mendenhall for 8!!
Comercial: old tv shows oh my nose! Fonzie!!
Mendenhal lost fthe football first play in the third quarter and desmond bishop brings it back to the 45. rogers incomplete to jennings ... 2nd and 10:Jordy Nelson for 3. First down to James Jones. Incomp;let underneath to Jackson.2nd and 10: Incomlete to Nelson over the middle. 3ed and 10: Nelson complete to the 1. They pick up the blitz and what a run by Nelson!! Huge gamechanging play. Rogers sacked for a loss of 6.Jennings in the endzone for 6!!
jSteeler td lost somewher...
GoDaddy girls...
7:29 and the Green Bay offense up by 3.
2nd and long: nelson to the 30: 3rd and 5. Jennings over the middle for a huge completion1st and 10.Stokes inside the 30! Starks picks up a yard. Complete to Jones and how the heck was he so wide open on the sidelines? Complet to crabtree: 2nd and goal Jones to the five: 3rd and goal. Incomple in the endzone to Nelson. Field goal to make it a six point game...
Isaac Redhelm the upback on the return to the 27, penalty, and 159 left down by six, the man with two rings will go to work...Miller for a first down.Complete to Ward for 4. Out of bounds; 3rd and 5. Where the heck was he throwing? 4th and 5 and here we go! Incomplete, GB takes over on downs. Gatorade bath on the sidelines Donald Driver crying...
to God be the glory


Sean Lowe said...

"BowieBMW advanced diesel"
"7.1.11 will bring some crazy transformer looking stuff..."

Most intense parts of the commentary B, I'm not implying that I didn't enjoy it, was more like a, ooh BMW! so I must like it. But you did quite a good job on keeping up with the game!

David Frederick Baldner said...

Thanks, Sean!
Do your math (-8