Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, warm Friday

Oh so much going on I can hardly stand it!!! Watched most of Toy Story last night: I love when Rex talks!! Inconceivable!! And: The Clawwwwww... too cute.
Up to 90 today with humidity; already watered everrthing with Sierra.
Kids been overdosing in Pinckney from heroine? In Pinckney? Parents, lets do something here, wtf?!?
Found out Monday i got my job back praise God!
This weekend was asked to help with the Boosters picnic but sweetiepie is sooooooooo mad that i wont be here for the family get-together if i go.....what to do?!?
blood pressure is high and i'm on my way to get another home device to measure it...i got other issues too...need to lose a ton of weight...
need to get into my classroom and organize it; get rid of old stuff and arrange necessary stuff well...lots of room there shelves and all but been trying to hold onto old stuff from former teachers and what not...
reading the horse and his boy by lewis: with Shasta and Bree during the reighn of High King Peter and his siblings...

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