Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best 3 hour away trip ever...

So monday morning i needed some steroids for the poinson ivy i had between my toes (among other places); got the rx and the shot and we decided we needed another camping trip so we packed up and headed west to the big lake yet again.
Only one speedway stop on the way to fill up and we landed at Silver Lake state park after examining Yogi Bear and two other campgrounds right there. The dunes are pretty but we did not indulge in them...we tried to listen to the Tigers with Sierra on the shore of Silver Lake while the sun set and the wind blew. A wonderfully chilly night and all three of us slept well after hot dogs on the fire. A glorious morning but we couldn't get our same campsite so we took a leap of faith ("..take a leap of faith. let us return back as young men together".) and headed north to Pentwater. Drove around the lake and found the Charls Mears State Park. The nice young man at the booth gave us the sites currently vacant and my bride picked #1 and so it was too be! Spent the afternoon on the beach and Sierra got many complements...walked out on the pier and got pizza and headed back to camp for the sunset and the tiger game. my sugar is getting low and i need to eat...more later

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