Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh holy night, the stars are brightly shining

Wednesday of the first week of the biggest loser competition and i don't think i'm doing very good. I can do great for 90% of the day then late evening about an hour or two before i'd like to go to bed, i just 'give up' and indulge in whatever. Two nights ago it was a half bag of corn chips with some good tostito's con queso. Then last night my landlord made this venison beef-tips with mushrooms and garlic over pasta and ohmygoodness was it grand!

To-day's a new day! This IS the day the LORD has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!


One man wants to touch the thing . . . he's having an argument with a policeman. The policeman wins. . . . Now, ladies and gentlemen, there's something I haven't mentioned in all this excitement, but now it's becoming more distinct. Perhaps you've caught it already on your radio. Listen:

(LONG PAUSE) . . .

Do you hear it? It's a curious humming sound that seems to come from inside the object. I'll move the microphone nearer. (PAUSE) Now we're not more then twenty-five feet away. Can you hear it now? Oh, Professor Pierson!

PIERSON: Yes, Mr. Phillips?

PHILLIPS: Can you tell us the meaning of that scraping noise inside the thing?

PIERSON: Possibly the unequal cooling of its surface.

PHILLIPS: I see, do you still think it's a meteor, Professor?

PIERSON: I don't know what to think. The metal casing is definitely extraterrestrial . . . not found on this earth. Friction with the earth's atmosphere usually tears holes in a meteorite. This thing is smooth and, as you can see, of cylindrical shape.

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