Sunday, July 19, 2009


This past week I have neglected my writings so I will make up a bunch here...
Worked Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night til close. I am getting more comfortable with the procedures and what goes where and with what on what kind of plate. Kiddie grilled cheese is just less fries. We've been working both our jobs with just one vehicle and although this is certainly a less convenient situation, it is by nomeans un-doable. Mary Ann is here sometimes and I enjoy the added company. We took Sierra for her summer groom which took tow and a half hours. She looks good, healthy, and well-kept.
I have been grabbing inexpensive office supplies with great joy in preparation for 09-10. End of month bills due soon.... what to do about the Ram... please LORD guide us.

Yestreday Kevin and the crew came out. Justen dragged a tree to the firepit and we had pizza. Everybody slept in (except sweetie, who had to work at 9, and has been calling here all day asking if I'd help her get through her work-day hangover); pass the coffee, please.

The week brought us the MLB All Star game from St. Louis on Tuesday. Granderson tripled, Inge struck out (what else?) and Jackson retired one innings worth of NL sluggers on four p;itches. Inge also hit Z?ERO homers in the home run derby for a sixth place finish.

I'm still reading Bryson and Mary Ann brought me a novel for a change of pace.

God bless us, every one.

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