Monday, July 13, 2009

Grillmaster D

The summer is officially rolling along here in midwest-northern-southeastern Michigan. There are plants to water and eggs to whip, weeds to whack and dogshit to clean up. Temps have been comfortable for the most part; we don't condition our air but we do move it around alot at night sometimes. I started a little summer gig a few hours a week at a greasy spoon where I am able to change my body aroma to that of slightly burnt oil. The Feed Bag in Fowlerville, MI.
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Bought myself a new T-Fal 10 inch frying pan to practice at home. Did a phenominal omelette this morning ("Western", according to our menu) if i do say so myself. Tough part is getting the temperature just right.

All Star week in baseball; our Brandon Inge is in the homerun derby tonight so we will watch it as well as the game tomorrow with 4 Tigers there. Edwin Jackson (miniscule ERA), Justin Verlander (leads univers in K's), Inge (hit homers 19 and 20 last night), and Curtis Granderson who albeit hitting in the low 200s makes alot of good plays while being a fan favorite. my library halfhour is over and i gotta go

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