Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tell me why i don't like mondays

Woke up early this morning and had a coffee, sausage samwich from a gas station, and a donut. Now, the day could begin. I got some math done and got ready for our post-season baseball banquet. This affair was held at one of the players houses and, technically, it was a pot-luck. This I did not know but I was able to blame the head coach for not telling me and was allowed in. We had wonderful fellowship, awards were given out, and all four coaches got to say a few words about the season/experience. Afterwards another coach and I went to watch a couple of our players who were umpiring younger kids' games. We smalltalked with the locals and mingeled with royalty. A good night altogether.

Got to chat with my landlord about all kinds of stuff tonight when he got home...we watched the tigers and then some food show and then went to bed.

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