Wednesday, June 18, 2008

humpty hump day

...although the hump refers to the middle of the work week, signifying the top of the bell curve (or the camel's hump, if you will) and a downhill coast from here. Hmmmm. I guess if you're not working there's no hump and therefor no downhill part (for that matter, there's no uphill either). Took a brisk walk around town yestreday and waved to folks. Nice people in this part of the state. Stayed up and watched the Tigers beat SF and Thames hit his 5th homer in 5 games...not alot of guys have done that. Galaraga goes later this afternoon.

I took the fifth test for this accursed class and I may be done...waiting to hear from the dry professor if there's a final or not.

Life is good, God is great
I like to eat, am overweight


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