Saturday, April 27, 2019

My wife and I do not plan very well. Usually I blame her for this, but I find it all too comfortable knowing that should I even try to schedule something more than a few minutes hence, it will be met with apathy at best, and argument more likely, so I usually avoid.
Way too passive, I know.

But this morning, with absolutely no morning plans whatsoever, we endeavoured to make a brief outing to our favorite shopping Mecca: Howell, Michigan. First to Wal-Mart for the roll-backs (not so many on this trip; is Wally World on its way to becoming the place we used to love to shop at?!), then Meijer (only to kill time mind you [oh - and obtain spirits], until Aldi opens), and then to Aldi itself.
I must interject here that, although I have been quite satisfied with all three of those merchandisers throughout the course of my adult life, shopping now is much more time consuming than it ever was because I now must read labels. 'Must'. Because if I even look at a frozen pizza, my ankles swell up like two balloons, and this is not proper. Or righteous. Or any good at all. Now I've got that feeling once again, I can't explain, you would not understand.
So we look mostly for fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. I still enjoy milk (skim) with my Ruby Red/fiber morning shake, and I thoroughly enjoy my bride's no salt apple crisp made with oats.
So, we filled up the back of the Journey with apples, chicken breast and thighs, paper towels, dryer sheets, asparagus, ground chicken, onions, etc. No ice cream, no frozen french fried potatoes, no corn chips or pretzels.
We didn't need to run any errands, so we were home by ten thirty or so. It was a nice morning with my sweetie.

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