Monday, March 11, 2019


Heavenly Father ~

All praise and honor and glory to You; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit amen!

Thank You for another day I am able to get out of bed, read my Bible, and pray to You!

I confess to You that I have sinned, in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do; through my thoughts, words, and actions; through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. I ask Your forgiveness - LORD have mercy, Christ have mercy, LORD have mercy on me a sinner.

To-day I pray for all our loved ones and family:
For Francis and all the priests, bishops, and deacons and their families, and Your Church all over the world, especially where there is persecution. For President Trump and his family, for Judge Cavanaugh and his family, and all who are fighting to make America great again. 
For John Martinogni and the Bible Christian Society and men of goodwill everywhere, for Bill Patrick and the team and candidates for all the upcoming cursillo weekends, for every child and every one who does not yet know you, for protesters that they would turn their hearts to You in truth.
For my bride, that You would forgive her sins, and give her a desire to know You more intimately through the truth and fullness of the Catholic Church, heal her body mind soul and spirit, give her peace in her heart, protect her and keep her safe, and let her know how much You love her.
For Stan and Rita (rest in peace), Stan, Charlotte, Kathy, Justin, Dana, Aaron, Joey, Mary, Grace, Stosh (rest in peace), Stacie, Carter, Ryan, Emily, Mary Ann, Dean, Courtney, Rusty, Drew, Mason, Meggie, Jake, Quinn, Cameron, Deacon, Kacie, Brett, Moni, Bob, Jon, Jen, Joslin, Liam (and my those two beautiful grandbabies grow up to know and love You and serve You all the days of their lives), Jason (rest in peace), Pam, Ken, Kennie, and Kendall, Terry, Jeanie, Jeanie's dad, Tye, Sophia, Trent, Kevin, Justen, Tori, Kaylee, Kristine, Mike and his mom, Mom and Dad and thier families, Nancy, Ruben and his family, Ray, Ricky Ben, Belle, Alex, Carlos and Cheyenne and her family, Gary, Susie, Josh, Taylor, Jeremy and his fiance.

I give You this day, all our plans and doings, our comings and goings. Lead and guide the doctors we will see to-day.

Praise Your Name!

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