Thursday, February 21, 2019

A cozy 32 degrees this morning in southeast Lower Michigan, the likes of which we have not seen in a coon's age. I happened over to the expressway on my way to work - the overpass with its three roundabouts gives a wonderful view of the morning sunrise over Whitmore Lake. I finished my business near the lake and, heading back to US 23 North, stopped in one of the roundabouts to take some pictures. My Google Assistant then collages them (if it understands that is what I want) and presents me with a panoramic photo. I have shared it below. You can make it bigger by clicking on it.

I got to work a little early and discovered I had forgotten my keys. We have a door on Grand River we share with another office, then upstairs our three doors all use another key. I called the boss and told him I'd wait for him. So my day started later than normal; thusly, my morning flew by. All of a sudden it was lunch time, and I high-tailed it to Dollar Tree (where everything's a dollar) for a birthday card (et al).

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