Saturday, June 10, 2017

Heat Log

08:39 I have had my shower and done up the dishes from last night's fish and macaroni cheese feast. The breeze still comes from all directions, for which we are thankful. I've noticed the thicker dappled willows this year keep more of the morning sun off our living room and the slider, which may also help. Deck temperature 71, inside temperature 71. Large numbers of house finches approach the safflower seed unencumbered by fear.

09:39 The west breeze is still coming into the kitchen and for this we are thankful. The bumble-bees don't know it's a Saturday morning and keep up their pace in the lilac and catmint; the hummer has been back and forth to the feeder since dawn. I put the bedroom a/c in the window and have it set at HIGH/COLD, which may be where it's at for the next 72 hours, God help us. I have the vertical blinds in the living room half drawn - I would like to leave the slider open for as long as possible, depending on when our morning breezes cease. Deck temperature 75, inside temperature 72.

It has taken a while, but I am learning to be thankful for no television in the house. It has forced me to engage in other, less passive activities. I have been strumming the six string of late almost nightly, I have been reading my Bible daily, and I have made concerted efforts to keep the local rodent population in check.The Tigers we listen to on the radio, and news we can get online.
Also, we have our vegetables and herbs going now (more, always more growing than I had planned - how is that?!? OH! Maybe due to the fact that I didn't plan on finding six packs for 74 cents at Kroger last weekend...huh?); the maintenance is not too time consuming, and it's fun to nurture these little sprouts and then see how big and fruitful they can become.

10:30 Thank God the breeze still comes from the north and west. Inside temperature 77, deck temperature 84 but the breeze rules! I am (somewhat) forcing myself to finish my second 32 oz cup of water.

12:21 There is still a breeze coming in from the north and west that for some reason seems cooler than the air it is replacing. Deck temperature is 87, inside it's 79 and 80 in the bedroom with the a/c. That room is at the southern most end of our home, and as such, it gets pretty much direct sun all day.

14:07 The breeze still blows and it is a nice warm breeze. The deck reads 90 but inside a comfortable 81 and I have not yet gone back to the a/c bedroom/blind. I do see cardinals and black-capped chickadee enjoying the safflower. The last neighbor to do so has now cut the grass. It is inevitable. It must be done. I think I'll try a new pattern this time to break up the monotony. And I must listen to a good song a few times right before I begin, or Dancing Queen will run there the whole time.

15:39 91 on the deck and 84 inside, but only 81 in the air conditioned bedroom/blind. There is much moisture on the outside of my beverage.

I am taking the cover off the grill.

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