Monday, May 22, 2017

Of Herbs, Perennials, Annuals, and Vegetables

As I sit here and contemplate what to write, a mild breeze brings the smell of the Big Lake into my room almost three hours away by motor vehicle. How, I wonder!
The pink blooming lilac immediately outside my west north-facing window offers the typical lilac aroma; the forsythia immediately outside my eastern north-facing window has no aroma that I know of.

A blessing! A blessing from the LORD!

Yestreday, the culmination of the better part of two years of talking, planning, and deciding came to fruition in the form of a sixteen foot long planter box designed primarily to cover up the hideous skirting across the back of our home.
Materials were provided via the Grape over the last two weeks from the Home Depot, plans were delivered by the Boss herself, and the Occupants of the Box came here via Wilczewski's Greenhouse in Howell and the free topsoil dirt pile of Hamburg Hills.

Box plans, including the local flora to be contained therein
Throughout the last two weeks, the boxes (two eight-foot sections were constructed separately) got built and painted. Neither the ninety degrees of Wednesday and Thursday this past week, nor the deluges on Saturday and Sunday would stop the boxes from going where they belonged, to carry out their purpose.

Sunday afternoon came, and God Himself directed, encouraged, and oversaw this project. We leveled and attached the boxes, added some touch-up trim, and got the plants in and covered with mulch. After some feeding and watering, we settled in for a fantastic meatloaf-on-the-grill dinner, and our suckassTigers on national tv ESPN.

As the sun sets in the west, our new box houses grasses, marigolds, and other annuals.
The only regret of the day was a result of my bringing the Grape around back with the dirt, in the midst of the old Fortysecond Lattitude Monsoons of mid May. I did leave large ruts in the neighbors lawn, and even though we have no neighbors right now, I am eagerly anticipating the registered mail from the Association threatening legal action unless the lawn is healed.


We had fun, and I slept quite soundly Sunday night.

Thank You, Father, for providing everything we needed to get this project done. Forgive me for avoiding and worrying for so long. Thank You for Your love, Your mercy, Your grace, Your presence in our lives. Lead us home to You, and may You alone be glorified!

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