Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I want to say thank you to my teachers who had an impact on my life:

Mrs Kenny who was nice
Mr. Schultz who taught math well
Mr. Blakemore who whipped our asses with his belt
Mr. Debelak who played guitar and let us sing songs during class
Mrs Scharfenberg who taught me what a preposition was
Mr. Fluegge, who made boring government classes fun
Coach Heil, who called our third baseman a woman during a game
Mr. Splitgerber, who taught me to really appreciate music
Pastor Ed Williams, who was a nut and taught math well
Mrs. Finzel, who just seemed to love everyone
Mr. Trapp, who was another nut teaching math
Miss Hedt, who had the balls to be necessarily plain with me: 'Baldner, shut up.'
Mr. Ziele, who taught me to be yourself, no matter what anyone tells you
Mr. Tuomi, who broadened our physical comfort zones
Miss Trapp, who enjoyed Latin and shared that enthusiasm
Dr. Hirsch, who showed me you can be many things
Mrs. Guidemann, who asked me why I miss class so often
Dr. Wang, who taught me a lesson about cheating
Dr. Straw, who taught me about mnemonics

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