Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It is Tuesday the 14th of February, in the year of our LORD twenty and seventeen. There is no snow on the ground, nor is there any coming our way to-day - the sun shines beautifully over Whitmore Lake!
We have been blessed with little snow so far this winter - much less than normal for these parts - and mostly warmer temperatures than normal. I've had to plug in the halogen light near the pipes only for two stretches of time, each about two weeks as I remember. As I get older and fatter, I detest shoveling snow more and more. I still find the scenery breathtaking when we get a fresh dusting: the pines covered like in a painting, the little bird tracks near our feeders, the rooftops all white below stacks releasing wood-burning smoke. I am nostalgic that way. But I surely do not long for icy roads and cleaning off vehicles.
We also had a wind attack Sunday night. I thought the house might be swept up into the air and I might see Miss Gulch traveling in mid air on her bicycle. Thankfully, no siding, gutters, skirting, or shingles were laying around the yard Monday morning.
The Super Bowl has been played and I will be drafting my fantasy baseball team soon. 
My dad is having a knee replaced at the end of the month.

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