Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh how beautiful the sky

Just like one evening long ago in Middle Earth, when Peregrin Took looked to the West to see the last glimpse of the sun before it set on the eve of world war, so tonight here in Whitmore Lake, we looked one last time to the West and caught a bright farewell of Sun through the dark clouds.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird has been enjoying our catmint (Nepeta x. Six Hills Giant), as have the bumble bees. And like Serena Williams dispatching Maria Sharapova in two quick sets this morning, so the catmint dispatched and overwhelmed all else who dared to share the planter box with it. It has grown huge, so huge, from one little gallon pot planted not quite one year ago.

Thank you LORD, for our jobs, and vehicles to get us there. Thank You for the dollar Haas avacodoes that made the best guacamole tonight. Thank You for the chicken breasts so wonderfully marinated in balsamic vinegar and oil, then cooked over Kingsford charcoal, then sliced to go on top of our Little Caesar's salad from last night. Thank You for the Kroger potatoes that have lasted so long in the dark Lazy Susan and went into the best batch of potato salad I've ever made. Thank You for the gasoline that went into the lawn mower so that we can keep the grass cut. Thank You for this computer that allows me access to the MLive Tiger Blog so I can comment along with Thirsty 2 and Aurelio Fan. Thank You for a nice television so I can entertain myself with movies like City Streets with Gary Cooper. Thank You for money to pay our bills and for our washer and dryer that work so well. Thank You for Otis - our Boy Kitty, and the cheap entertainment he so readily provides; and thank You for Sierra the Malamute, and her faithful companionship over these last 14 years.
Above all, thank you for Jesus, and for loving us so much.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


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