Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunny and warm

Glory be! The birds have been singing since long before dawn and I must say I have enjoyed the chorus!
Early out to Kroger for meals for the week and just now the dishes are all done up. Big Puppie is on the lead relaxing in the shade, my Sweetie has gone with little sister to get her hair 'done' (just what that entails will ever remain a mystery to me) and I expect it will be a quiet morning.

I have been asked to prayerfully consider being on the team for LVCCM Men's #80; I must call the rector with my decision to-day - i have put it off for too long. Pretty excited about this also I am.

Dear LORD, all praise and honor and glory to YOU! 
Infinitely wise
Ever loving
Mighty beyond measure
All Things beautiful come from YOU!
Guide me, direct me, empower me with Your wisdom, Your Spirit.
Be blessed by my thoughts and actions to-day.
All praise and honor and glory to YOU!

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