Sunday, December 19, 2010

Touchdown, Detroit Lions!

Honolulu blue and silver, for this special edition of this weblog. The Lions took it to the Buccaneers to-day in sunny Florida for their first road win in about 1100 days or so, to the delight of the Detroit faithful. The Lions tied the game as time expired in the fourth quarter to force overtime and then scored a another .three-pointer via the foot of Dave Rayner to win it. Calvin had 10 receptions for cryin out loud!
Woody and Buzz are fighting under the car as Andy drives off to Pizza Planet.
The Survivor Finale is tonight, I really can't wait. 
One of our seniors had a public recital to-day on the fiddle in Beulah; wow, made the hairs on my arm stand up and gave me tingles all over. Made my soul smile.

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