Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LIfe is a highway...

Just between you and me, I really look forward to Wednesday nights and CBS Survivor at 8 pm Eastern time. Damn! It's always good. It never fails to excite and ignite!
This arrogant Brenda chick was working with this arrogant Sash (Sash? "Oh honey, look, he looks just like your great uncle Window, let's call him Sash!") male and tonight, their little comradarie had a little shakeup cuz Brenda was voted off.
I didn't expect this. BUT, you gotta remember that CBS only shows us bits and pieces of what actually takes place during any 3-day period. These folks have cameras on them all day every day. There's got to be alot of boring footage that doesn't make the 60 minute weekly show: "So Sash, have you been regular out here in the fuckin jungle?" "Of course, my alliance partner Brenda and I only eat the most fibrous roots available." "Oh, good for you, bitch; btw, you've got a stupid name and I'm writing your name down tomorrow night!"
7-4 Wings with about 3 minutes left in Detroit...wish i was with my buddy watchin thisssss....

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