Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glory to God in the highest!!!

Long day, first day of school; I procrastinate, usually, and am trying to finish up each course syllabus and make copies for 145 kids tomorrow. Most convenient printer down for the count for the last couple of days so sending tons of copies to second choice printer. Tech guru walks in and says don't send there (after almost all had been sent there) cuz it's not working. Third choice is in the main office and for some reason we don't have that option at our disposal right now. Fourth choice is the "counselors copier" which i've never sent documents to but seemed like it was gonna hafta be. Sent just one copy of one syllabus (just to see if it was working), walked down there and see through the glass the copy but can't get in the locked office. Ask around, it's a special key that none of the masters will get into. K. Lets just print a copy of each to my little lexmark inkjet (24 bucks at Save-More-Do)...so i'm walking back to the room, sit down, unlock the keyboard, and just as i'm sending this document yet again to another printer, youtube plays "What a Friend we have in Jesus" on the pipe organ just for me.
Thank you, God, I love You, too.

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