Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunny and Cool

I've been asked to be a part of a cursillo ( team for a late July weekend; i'm pretty pumped and would say 'yes' right now but the boss who called said to pray about it ... of course. Don't think my wife's too keen on the idea though: she rattled off about six negatives when i told her i was asked. Why can't she ever just rejoice with me?

A week of baseball practice outside and aint it great?!?! Seems like it's been sunny for the last almost month; even if  the temps aren't where we'd like them (85) the sunshine sure does warm the heart.

Trying to do a Weebly web...more on that later.

Our union president said i was in line to get a layoff notice for next year. Don't care if there's five others who may also get one, don't care that the Board is going to vote on this thursday, don't care that it's been a great three years here....i'd just like some job security for crying out loud. Is this too much to ask?

(just chose a nice theme on weebly, while waiting for my picture to upload)

Watched Sweeney Todd. Watched Live Free or Die Hard. The former was tragic had more songs and graphic bloody violence. The latter had more heroics and he-man-tough-guy-lines.

I'm hungry. Let's get a taco.

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