Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday Night Meetings

My wife and I were approached by a man passing out Watchtower literature in the summer of 08 and I invited him to the house for discussion. We met several times throughout that summer, sitting on the porch drinking coffee and enjoying God's creation. He told me about unbiblical ideas like the trinity and "hellfire" and, enjoying the company as much as the discourse, I listened. He said he was part of a wonderful organization of people that didn't go to war and looked forward to spending eternity inhabiting a new earth he likened to Paradise.

When I moved up north in September, I had the pleasure of meeting like-minded folks who were nice, dressed well, and also provided me with Watchtower literature. So much to read!! I read about happy people (with pictures of people smiling while eating noodle salad at picnics) and I read about sad people (the pictures here were of people engaging in all manner of heinous activities: wearing bandanas around their heads holding knives, wearing a dress while sitting at a bar, showing up to work late, ...) and how you could choose to be one or the other. See, the happy people were 'true followers' of Jehovahgod, they were making choices that were pleasing to Jehovahgod and reaping the benefits of those choices. The sad folk were making choices that were not pleasing to Jehovahgod. They used the word pagan several times when referring to folks who weren't true followers of Jehovahgod. I now know that Augustine, Benedict, Cyril of Alexandria, David, Eucherius, Felicity, Gregory (the Great), Hedwig, Ignatius, John Chrysostam, Kateri Tekakwith, Linus, and all of humanity outside of their organization are pagans. Me too, although not labeled thusly directly as such called.
Well, now I know. And we continue to get together on Wednesday evenings in good faith, each hoping and praying that the other will come to know the truth...

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